Since 1992 Sawyer Composite has specialized in composite tooling and part fabrication. Our facilities are ISO9001/AS9100 registered and are dedicated to providing our customers turnkey solutions in the design, engineering, manufacture and qualification of advanced composite tooling and structures.

The Engineering staff at Sawyer Composite utilizes Catia and SolidWorks for all CAD applications and our recognized standards in modeling and tool design have become the basis for several prime manufacturers best practices. To support our 5-axis machining we utilize Mastercam for cut path generation and validate those NC paths with Mastercam Machine Simulation.

QA/QC is an “in-process” function at Sawyer Composite. Utilizing Leica Laser Trackers, Spatial Analyzer and Traveler check points we validate the process expectations as we go, not at Final.

For those customers modifying or updating Airframes, we have experience providing fabrication support for successful FAA STC and PMA part programs.

Quality is our number one goal. We accomplish this by providing a product or solution that will meet (and typically exceed) our customer’s expectations. The ongoing objective by our staff is to never accept ‘good enough’.

Our facilities are AS9011 Rev D / ISO9001:2015 registered

Why clients choose us

Not just your average composites fabricator

We pride our selves on creating innovative solutions for our customers. Thinking beyond today, we make sure that the product we supply will provide the right solution for tomorrow.


It is our primary mission. If the product is not right or will not satisfy the requirements, it does not go out our door.


Our reputation is based on our ability to make sure what we deliver is what we said we would do. Since 1992 Sawyer Composite has made the commitment to be honest and forthcoming with our customers.


Our customers know that whether our tools have been in service 15 years or 15 weeks we will there, on site or on the phone, to support the use and servicing of our products.

100% confidentiality

Your products and processes are yours and we keep it that way through database protocols and implementation of new CMMC guidelines.