Our facility and capabilities are geared to support our customers with a variety of design and fabrication configurations, including surface modeling, machined patterns, and bond tooling.

Sawyer Composite can produce a variety of tooling systems and support our customers in various ways.

In addition we also produce production-rate tooling to customer specifications in support of production programs for aircraft systems, satellite systems, medical technologies, and other specialty applications.

Model and tool materials are chosen based on the application or as directed by customer specifications. Consideration is given for initial cure temperatures and what type of material is to be processed for the final part. Model materials include wood, ‘Ren’ boards and aluminum.

Tools or molds are fabricated using carbon, fiberglass or aluminum with appropriate backing structures to match CTE.

Machining of patterns or component details is accomplished on our 5-axis mill with in process inspection accomplished using our Leica Laser Tracker technology.

We provide traceability and final inspection data with our Leica Laser Tracker.


We currently manufacture components from Carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass material systems.

Fabrication methods and curing systems are specifically designed to customer requirements and or to Industry specifications.

Sawyer Composite personnel are skilled in composite fabrication techniques including: the use of honeycomb and other composite-core materials as well as secondary bonding or mechanical assembly of pre-cured details.

Our processing equipment allows us to fabricate a variety of complex composite systems including (epoxy, cyanate-ester, and phenolic resin systems).

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